Westerra Credit Union Auto Loan Rates and Calculators

Westerra Credit Union offer comprehensive online services for calculating rates on Auto loans. Exact rates may require  additional personal information.


Details of the specific auto loan rates offered can be used to calculate and to apply for a loan with Westerra Credit Union.

SS Rates


How to Calculate

Auto Loan Payments – Calculates auto loan repayment rates and total purchase cost.

The calculator requires the following fields to be completed:-

  • Total Purchase Price
  • Term in Months
  • Interest Rates



Lease versus Buy – Compares rates of either leasing or finance for auto purchase.

  • Purchase Price
  • Down Payment
  • Sales Tax Rate
  • Investment Rate of Return


Credit Union Finance versus Dealer Finance –  Compares finance rates offered by Westerra Credit Union against dealers finance rates.

  • Terms in Months
  • Credit Union Finance Rate
  • Dealer Finance Rate
  • Manufacturer Rebate




Refinancing for an Auto Loan – Calculates rates when refinancing.

Original Loan

  • Original loan
  • Rate
  • Term in Years
  • Number of Payments Made

New Loan

  • Rate
  • Term in Years
  • Closing Cost

Home Equity against an Auto Loan – Details rates if using the equity from your home for auto purchase.

  • Total Purchase Price
  • Term in Months
  • Auto loan Interest Rate
  • Home Equity Interest Rate
  • Federal Tax Rate
  • State Tax Rate


Loan Comparison – Compares options for finance on auto loans showing monthly rates and possible savings.

  • Balance to Finance
  • Down Payment (cash plus any trade in)
  • Term in Months
  • APR Options

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