Renasant Bank Routing Number and SWIFT Code | How to Wire

Renasant Bank maintains a single ABA routing number for use by both business and personal account holders. It is used for facilitating wire transfers to and from the bank. The bank also has a SWIFT code for facilitating incoming and outgoing international transfers.

Routing Number




Routing Number On Check

You can find the routing number on the left bottom side of your check as shown below.

Where To Find Renasant Bank Routing Number

Where To Find Renasant Bank Routing Number

How to Wire Funds

Renasant Bank offers wire transfer services to its customers. For more details about wire transfers, contact customer service or visit a bank branch near you. You require the following information to carry out a wire transfer:

Domestic Incoming Transfer

  • Renasant Bank address- RENASANT BANK, PO BOX 709, TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI – 38802
  • Renasant Bank account number
  • Renasant Bank routing number

Domestic Outgoing Transfer

  • Name of the beneficiary and their account number
  • Name and the address of receiving institution
  • Receiving institution’s ABA routing number

International Incoming Wire Transfer

  • Name of the beneficiary and their account number
  • Renasant Bank Address
  • Renasant Bank Routing number – 084201294
  • Renasant Bank Swift Code – RNSTUS42

International Outgoing Wire Transfer

  • Name of beneficiary
  • Beneficiary’s account number
  • Receiving institution’s name and address
  • receiving institution’s Swift

Wire Transfer Fees

  • Incoming Domestic – $15.00
  • Outgoing Domestic – $25.00
  • International Incoming – $15.00
  • International Outgoing – $50.00


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