Barclays Routing Number and SWIFT Code

Barclays provides account holders with a routing number for US-based ACH and associated transfer services, a SWIFT code and IBAN for international transfers, and a sort code for UK-based account transfers. For more information regarding Barclays international transfer services, please click here.

Routing Number

  • 031101321


  • BARCGB22

Routing Number On Check

Routing numbers are used by financial institutions as a way to easily identify the transference of funds between accounts. The specific routing number of a bank will always be located in the bottom-left hand corner of a check, directly to the left of the account number, as seen in the image below.

Sample Check - Where to Find Routing Number

Sample Check – Where to Find Routing Number

Sort Code On Debit Card

Sort codes can be typically be found on a bank’s debit card, located directly below the account holders name, to the left of the account number.

How to Wire Funds

Barclays provides online domestic (US+UK) and international transfer services. In order to initiate a transfer online, users must already have a registered account, and may be required to have access to the ‘PINsentry’ service.  Account holders can also conduct transfers over the phone or at a branch location. The following information is typically required to initiate a wire transfer:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Name of receiving financial institution
  • Address of receiving financial institution
  • Account number
  • Routing number
  • Other details as required by the receiving/sending financial institution

For answers to specific questions or concerns regarding the transfer protocols of Barclays, please contact a customer support representative (0345-600-2323).

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