Banner Bank Routing Number and Swift Code

Banner Bank has a routing number for facilitating transfers between bank accounts. The routing number is required for both domestic and international transfers. It is possible that Banner Bank is not connected to the SWIFT network (as is the case with most small banks and credit unions in the USA). For more information, account holders can get in touch with customer service at 1(509)-527-3636 or 1(800)-272-9933 for specific detailsĀ on how to use an intermediary bank for international transfers.

Routing Number

  • Banner Bank Routing and Transit (ABA) Number: 323371076

Swift Code

  • Banner Bank is not directly connected to the SWIFT network.

Routing Number On Check

The routing number appears at the bottom of the check. It is the first set of 9 numbers as shown in the sample check below.


How to Wire Funds

An account holder can conduct the wire transfer by visiting their local branch or by calling 1(800)-527-6435. The following details are required to effect the transfer:

  • Name and Address
  • Account Number
  • Routing Number


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