HSBC Routing Number – How to Wire

HSBC Bank allows eligible account holders to easily send money to another person, business or financial institution internationally or in the US. This can be done conveniently through internet banking or by visiting a branch.

Routing Number

  • 021001088

Swift Code

  • MRMDUS33

Routing Number On Check

The routing number is the series of 9 digits found on the left hand corner at the bottom of the check.


HSBC Sample Check

Routing Number On Check

With an internet banking account, eligible account holders can initiate wire transfers by following the steps below:

  • Log in to the Internet Banking platform
  • Click on “Wire Transfers” on the menu
  • Click on “Continue to Wire Transfer”
  • Finally complete the request form for wire transfers

For queries and concerns about wire transfers, account holders can get in touch with customer service.


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