First Tennessee Bank Auto Rates and Calculators

First Tennessee Bank auto loan calculators allow users to understand the financial implications of taking out an auto loans with a given set of terms. The calculators give a breakdown on how the principal, interest rates and other costs are factored into their loan. To get a general view of the automobile loans, click on the following link.


The rates offered by First Tennessee Bank will vary from client to client. Rates may change without notice to applicants. Inquiries on auto loan rates can be made at a branch location  or by phone at 1-800-416-6083.



How to Calculate

Monthly auto loan payments depend on interest rate, tenure of loan and the principal. The inputs required to compute the monthly payments are as follows:

  • Cost of vehicle
  • Cash rebates
  • Value of trade in
  • Down payment
  • Loan term and the Annual interest

Click ‘submit’ to get the monthly payment.


This tool weighs the pros and cons of leasing against buying of an automobile. The data to be entered is as follows:

  • Purchasing
    • Purchase price
    • Sales tax rate
    • Upfront costs
    • Annual rate of interest
    • Market value of vehicle at the end of the loan
  • Lease
    • Security deposit
    • Monthly payment amount
  • Other Common assumptions
    • Down payment
    • Number of months
    • Rebate amount

Click ‘submit’ to compute.

This tool weighs the pros and cons of financing or paying cash in a purchase. Cash payment may be deemed cheaper but this is not always the case. The inputs required are listed below:

  • Sales price before rebate
  • Loan term
  • Annual interest rate
    • Rebate amount if financing via a bank or union

Click ‘submit’ to compute.

This tool brings reality /sense into the financial decisions buyers make. For calculation the following variables are keyed in:

  • Down payment
  • Annual Interest rate
  • Desired monthly payment
  • Loan term

Click ‘submit’ to compute.



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