bank leumi

Bank Leumi (Hebrew: בנק לאומי‎‎, lit. National Bank) is an Israeli bank. It was founded in London as the Anglo Palestine Company on February 27, 1902, by members of the Zionist movement to promote the industry, construction, agriculture, and infrastructure of the land hoped to ultimately become Israel. Today, Bank Leumi is Israel’s largest bank (by total assets as of 2015), with overseas offices in Luxembourg, USA, Switzerland, the UK, Mexico, Uruguay, Romania, Jersey, and China. [ Via Wikipedia ]

With an employee strength of well over 13,490, Bank Leumi is a multinational banking firm that bases its operations from its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. Apart from its operations in Israel, the bank has a strong operational presence in the UK, Mexico, Romania, China, Switzerland, and parts of the United States.

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